What Eduaction is like?

Eduaction, is a non-profit organization that began in 2009 in Brazil, since then, seeks to enrich the education of public school students in different countries of South America and Mexico, by allowing them to be part of an intercultural environment that occurs thanks to the support and guidance of international volunteers.

Likewise, the volunteers have the opportunity to know a social and cultural reality different from theirs, enabling them to expand their vision of the world and generating an exchange of experiences with students, which promote social union from cultural diversity.

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Why be a volunteer?

Being a volunteer and volunteering in education is much more than just doing a profitable job, Eduaction volunteering opens doors for you and those who help, because there is something that unites us to all of us who have been part of this experience, a spirit of support And living with people of different nationalities broadens their vision of the world, their borders and sharing with students is a great learning experience that awakens their interests in other realities, bringing to light their sense of solidarity.

why be a volunteer?
 why should you be a member?

why should you be a member?

Because it is thanks to the contributions of our partners that Eduaction unites young foreigners committed to creating a global learning environment, with poor adolescents; generating a positive impact for society by promoting inclusion and providing opportunities for the community, by empowering adolescents with competencies and with a broader vision of the world.